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Plan Features

Your EverydayCARE Membership Includes

National Direct
Primary Care

Virtual and
in-office visits

24-Hour Concierge

Call | Text | App
English & Spanish

Labs and Immunizations

Never pay more
than you should

Discount Program

We’ll help fill your
at a fair price


Includes 12 in-office
visits per year

Vision, Dental
and Mental Health2

Discount program
provided by Careington

Right Care
at the
Right Price

Never pay more
than you should

Open Network

Freedom to choose
your own provider

Simple & Easy Price

How it works

Pay one fixed price for your business

Lock in $125/mo. per employee
for up to 3 years

Easy & automatic renewals

Rewarding healthy employees with lower costs

Get EverydayCARE™


  • National Direct Primary Care
  • 24-Hour Concierge
  • Lab Benefits
  • Prescription Discount Program
  • Chiropractic Office Visits
  • Vision, Dental & Mental Health Discounts
  • Referral and Care Navigation
  • Open Network
Benefit Summary




  • Member + Spouse $115/mo.
  • Member + Children $115/mo.
  • Member + Family $240/mo.

Additional employer contribution can lower employee costs

Add Hospitalization & Catastrophic Protection

Hospitalization & Catastrophic Protection

  • Medical Cost Share 1
  • Member is responsible
    for the first $1,000 IUA
Benefit Summary

Members over the age of 64 are not eligible for Medical Cost Share. Tobacco users will incur an extra $75 surcharge




  • Member + Spouse $365/mo.
  • Member + Children $365/mo.
  • Member + Family $520/mo.

Additional employer contribution can lower employee costs

Competitive recruitment. Increase retention. Lower healthcare spend. Better care.

Healthcare costs are not rising in America, however, health insurance continues to rise at an unsustainable pace. All of our medical plans integrate an easy to use, yet highly sophisticated, Care Navigation process to make sure all your employees receive the right care at the right price.

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Recruit the Best Talent

Looking to build a competitive advantage in your recruitment? By offering a healthcare plan to your employees, you will stand out from the competition and attract high-quality employees.

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Retain your Best Employees

Access to medical care is important to your employees. Increase satisfaction and improve retention by providing your employees with access to benefits providing them with an opportunity to live their best life.

Lower Workers Comp Cost

Save money and time with our medical plan solutions. We help keep money in your pocket and get your employees back to work faster.

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We provide easy to manage solutions for your employees.

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  • Manage your Roster
  • Control invoice accuracy
  • Build your job candidate growth pool
  • Prevent unecessary workers comp costs and protect E-MOD
  • Always get the Right Care at the Right Price

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  • Redirect Health’s products and services are NOT considered Insurance. Redirect Health’s products meet the minimum requirements for MEC (Minimal Essential Coverage) and ACA (Affordable Care Act) when specified on the Benefit Summary or SPD (Summary Plan Document). New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, California, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia have passed their own state-level individual mandate laws that mirror the Federal Affordable Care Act. Redirect Health and Medical Cost Share memberships do not satisfy the new individual mandate requirements of these states. It should be expected that state-enforced penalties may apply in these states.
  • 1 EverydayCARE™ and Medical Cost Sharing is not insurance and is not issued or offered by an insurance company. While every effort is made to meet member’s medical needs, Medical Cost Share does not guarantee payment of any medical expense.
  • 2 CAREINGTON IS NOT INSURANCE and is not intended to replace health insurance. Careington does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. This plan is not a Qualified Health Plan under the Affordable Care Act. The range of discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and service. The plan does not pay providers directly. Plan members must pay for all services but will receive a discount from participating providers. The list of participating providers is at www1.careington.com. A written list of participating providers is available upon request. Discount Plan Organization and administrator: Careington International Corporation, 7400 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034; phone 800-441-0380. This plan is not available in Vermont.