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Faced with potential business-crippling penalties that could reach nearly $1 million each year, leadership at an Arizona-based full-service car wash, auto detailing and maintenance center with hundreds of employees across 18 locations in the Phoenix area, knew it needed to act quickly to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand and convenient healthcare solution for its workforce. Without one, the company’s survival was at stake.

The Challenge

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought a new world order to a whole class of employers who have never worried about needing to provide healthcare benefits. Whether with just 10 employees or more than 1,000, the challenge was the same – providing a viable healthcare option to the workforce that would satisfy the new healthcare law while ensuring profitability. For the company, the challenge was real and the race was on to find a practical solution that fit the company’s needs:

  • The car wash was wading into uncharted territory as it operated in an industry that traditionally didn’t offer health insurance.
  • This environment was also new to employees, who had never needed to understand the intricacies of healthcare insurance or absorb costs associated with coverage.
  • With more than 350 predominantly young male employees, the majority of whom speak only Spanish and are spread across the Phoenix, Arizona area, a one-size-fits-all option would be challenging to find.
  • Employees would typically seek out quick-fix healthcare through urgent care or emergency department visits.

The end result for the company went far beyond adopting a healthcare solution that would help bring them into ACA compliance. They now had a solution that not only provided required coverage, but also delivered employees unlimited care at Redirect Health Accredited Centers, was affordable and helped employees take charge of their healthcare.

The team at Redirect Health did whatever it took to support us and make us successful. And I love the concept behind Redirect Health. Their business model is to provide basically unlimited primary healthcare outside of the insurance system, and use insurance for catastrophic medical problems. EverydayCare™ is an idea whose time has come.”

- Paul Breslau, principal, Breslau Insurance & Benefits, Inc.

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