24 | 7 | 365 Access to National Direct Primary Care

DPC is widely being used by companies, school districts, unions and local governments across America. Once added to their self-insured health plans, it has proven to lower claims costs by up to 30%. It is the best way to control increasing claims spend for large and small organizations.

Our Guarantee

Always save more than our National DPC fee, or we owe you some money back. It’s that simple. We’ll return our fee until it’s made right.

Build your healthy business

Redirect Health is now offering the National DPC Program that partners with your company integrating seamlessly into your existing self-insured plan. Our “Start with Yes” culture, intelligent use of technology, along with medical resources, will deliver consistency and more employee choices that are often missing with typical DPC programs.

You’re in control

Competitive recruitment. Increase retention. Lower healthcare spend. Better care.

Leave your plan exactly the way it is, or ask us for benefit design advice. Helping you save money, improving the care of your people, and doing it better than your competitors is a strategic business advantage. Your National DPC Program becomes your secret weapon for hiring and retention advantage.

Group of people

Recruit the Best Talent

Looking to build a competitive advantage in your recruitment? By offering a healthcare plan to your employees, you will stand out from the competition and attract high-quality employees.

Retain your Best Employees

Access to medical care is important to your employees. Increase satisfaction and improve retention by providing your employees with access to benefits providing them with an opportunity to live their best life.

24/7/365 Care Logistics Team – Your provider is always on-call for every employee

Available 24/7/365 our Care Logistics Team ensures no-cost “always available” access to care, reducing the need for unnecessary emergency room and urgent care visits. Conveniently scheduled doctor appointments keep employees working and confident with their health plan. Your employees now have the option to skip the physical appointment with a simple phone call or text, delivering the care they need on their time.

24/7/364 Virtual Primary Care English & Spanish - Call | Text | App

Licensed in 50 states, our providers diagnose, create care plans & prescribe - always with complete access to your employee’s centralized medical records

Right price navigation – imaging, specialist, in-patient/out-patient hospital services, pharmacy

Seamless integration with any plan specific programs (direct or bundled contracts, muscular skeletal, mental health, Rx)

Access to qualifying Patient Assistance Programs

Workers Comp Coordination & Case Management

Same/Next Day Front-of-the-Line privileges at all Redirect Health Clinics**

Right Care Right Price
Virtual Primary Care Redirect Health app to meet with health providers

A Care Logistics Team Approach for managing:

High Blood Pressure • Asthma • Diabetes • Cholesterol • And More

Redirect Health centralizes your employees’ records for responsive and accurate care

Help EASILY Navigate:

  • Primary care, chiropractic, labs, specialist, imaging, prescriptions, hospitals and emergencies
  • Concierge Scheduling & Referrals
  • Physician-to-physician collaboration
  • Workers compensation case management
  • Chronic and acute disease management

Comprehensive workers
comp management

Additional options to enhance your National DPC Program.

National DPC Program

  • Nationwide 24 hour phone/text/app access to Redirect Healthcare Team. English & Spanish.
  • No copay or out-of-pocket member costs
  • Centralized medical records.
  • Proactive chronic disease & acute illness/injury management & outreach programs
  • Workers compensation case management and E-MOD Protection
  • Concierge primary care and specialist referral scheduling and care navigation
  • Hospital case management & discharge programs with physician-to-physician collaboration

Add-On Option 1

  • Work-Site Medical Clinic
  • Complete clinic design and set-up
  • Part-time or full-time, and scalable according to demand
  • Staffing, technology, supplies and ongoing clinic management
  • Medical Director oversight of clinical functions and quality
  • Integrated into the Redirect Health Medical and Surgical Center network**
  • No copay or out-of-pocket member cost

Add-On Option 2

  • Unlimited Primary Care Office Visits
  • Primary care office visits, annual adult and child wellness exams
  • Routine illness and injury needs
  • Chronic disease management
  • No copay or out-of-pocket member costs for primary care appointments
  • Same/Next Day Front-of-the-Line privileges at all Redirect Health Clinics**

Sounds too good to be true?

Redirect Health just makes sense.

Redirect Health has over 20 years-experience operating our own multi-specialty clinics and surgery centers. We truly understand the National DPC model. It’s demonstrated daily with our own people and tens of thousands of employees from our partner companies across all 50 states.

**Maricopa County only. Same day/Next day appointments are always the goal at nationwide partner clinics. But it’s a promise in all managed Redirect Health Medical Centers. Maricopa County network currently has five managed Redirect Health Medical Centers and two Surgical Centers. More are being added. Discounted preferred access to Redirect Health specialists (Pain management, cardiology, podiatry, orthopedics, peripheral vascular, chiropractic, and more). 

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