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Welcome to Easy and Truly Affordable Healthcare, where we put people first and people stay healthy.

At Redirect Health we are breaking the status quo. Open network, lower costs, & easy medical care.



Care Navigation

Medical Care that SAVES you money 

24-hour Concierge

Phone | Text | Video English & Spanish 

Direct Primary Care

Primary Care and Wellness Office Visits 

Open Network

Freedom to choose your own provider 

Prescription Support

Refill prescriptions easily over the phone 


Most Routine 


12 Visits per Plan Year 

How It Works

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Our CareLogistics™ team surrounds members as they go through their healthcare journeys. This team works WITH and FOR OUR MEMBERS – making all the difficult parts of healthcare EASY!

FIRST reach out to our CareLogistics™ Team at 1-888-407-7928

Our team then:


Determines the CARE the member needs

  • Call or text
  • 24/7/365
  • English or Spanish


Determines the BEST WAY to access care

  • Virtual Visits
  • Office Visits
  • ER/Urgent Care


Determines the LOWEST PRICE for that care

  • Assistance Programs
  • Insurance/Cost Share
  • Cash/Credit
Get the right care at the right time

Our team makes sure enrolled members are staying on track with appointments, visits, and medication.

The ultimate goal is:

  • to help members protect their money
  • to provide a seamless healthcare experience
  • to eliminate unnecessary visits
  • to support a healthy lifestyle

Compare our CareLogistics™ process, putting the member first, with traditional insurance

Traditional Insurance can be expensive and difficult to understand

Traditional insurance can leave you isolated, confused, and often cost you unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses. On top of that, providers don’t often communicate, creating multiple game plans with multiple points of contact. This leaves the member frustrated and creates a difficult path to managing their care.

Traditional insurance can be expensive and difficult to understand

How we SAVE you money
CareLogistics Putting the Member First

We create ONE cohesive team of providers and develop ONE game plan for our members. Our providers coordinate with ONE point of contact to navigate YOU through the complex healthcare system. This reduces the burden on you and your family by creating an easy to understand process to follow.

We navigate YOU through the complex healthcare system

More GREAT Redirect Health Features Include

24/7/365 Telehealth Services

Our health mobile app is the easiest way to access healthcare no matter where you are. You can securely communicate with our CareLogistics™ team, send PDFs, photos and videos, and even receive medical care by video.

  • English & Spanish
  • Telemedicine
  • Diagnosis
  • Care Planning
  • Prescription Support
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Mobile Devices & Desktop
Our health mobile app is the easiest way to access healthcare
Dr. Janice Johnston, MD

Fair Price Customer Navigation

Physician-to-Physician Case Management

Members receive personal physician guidance for routine and non-routine care.

Patient Assistance Programs

Not only do we coordinate care and make sure you are receiving a fair price, but we also assist in finding ways to pay for the care when you are unable.

Prescription Support

Medications can be very expensive, but as a member, we’ll navigate the pharmaceutical world for you, ensuring you get your prescriptions at a fair price.

Pick your Plan

Individual & Family

We offer healthcare plans that help you and your family cut down on medical costs and easily navigate the healthcare system. 


Turn healthcare into a business advantage by offering medical plans that help recruit and retain employees to grow your business. 


We make it easy to connect your members to affordable medical plans and build value in your membership. 

What People Say About Us

Dont take our word for it


The customer service is amazing. This company genuinely cares about you & your health. They work extremely hard to simplify healthcare & make things convenient for you! 


Redirect health is a true no-brianer. Great haelthcare at an affordable price. 

Mama Mia

Redirect health is the perfect solution to healthcare. The staff always responds within an appropriate amount of time. Having someone available 24/7 is the best reassurance while being able to message on call as well. All the doctors and nurse paractitioners are very kind and understanding. 

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