Healthcare Made Easy with the Redirect Health Member App

The Redirect Health Member App simplifies your healthcare journey through the latest technology. Contact our team 24/7/365, and they’ll begin navigating every aspect of your care, from lab results to virtual and in-office scheduling, and follow-up, our team is always there to guide you.

How Our Members Receive Care

No need to pay out of pocket for other services! Now you can experience a full end-to-end healthcare solution that works for you during every single step of your healthcare journey.

Use the Redirect Health Member App
  • Use the Member App, call or text us 24/7/365 and discuss your medical need.
  • Your care team will assess your need and schedule you with a provider virtually or in-office.
  • The Redirect Health team finds you the right care at the right price.
24/7 access to quality care
Connect with a Medical Provider
  • Connect (virtually or in person) to a medical practitioner.
  • Your doctor will have full access to your records.
  • We coordinate payments and billing inquiries.
Choose from over 700,000 providers for a virtual or in-person visit
Receive a Follow-up from Our Team
  • The Redirect Health team will follow-up to make sure you have everything you need and check-in on your treatment plan.
  • That’s it! All you have to do is focus on your health, and we take care of the rest.
Our world-class care team will guide you through your care

Our Members Say It Best

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4.6 Member Satisfaction Rating

  • Healthcare, often a company’s 2nd largest expense after payroll, can also be a financial burden on employees. Redirect Health has solved this. I switched years ago because healthcare costs were getting out of control. Now, I am saving significantly, and my family always gets care and guidance when we need it. Your company will gain an instant advantage if you can lower this expense AND give your employees the peace of mind they can’t get elsewhere.

    - Verne Harnish

    Owner and CEO, Scaling Up

  • Great experience!! Easy to set up appointments. Excellent communication. Overall, I give an A+ for the efficient process! Thank you.

    - C. Stigsell

  • Redirect Health got me through one of the most challenging times of my life and they were there prior to my operation and after my operation. They helped me with everything before and after. They aren’t like any other company because they truly care about you and your outcome. Which is very rare today! I highly recommend them and will never forget what they have done for me.

    - W. Fobbs

  • With health insurance getting more expensive and figuring out ways to save money, Redirect Health has been worth every dollar paid. I always get service above and beyond what I expect!

    - F. Kollman

  • I chose to offer Redirect Health to my employees for their health insurance. We have been with them for a few months, and I have had the opportunity to use them personally for my own health needs. I have also asked employees for their feedback, and they have far exceeded my expectations both as an employer and a consumer. Their response time is AMAZING!

    - Alan Wikman

  • Always available to help, no matter the time of day or questions you have. I tell everyone about this insurance! Doctor office employees are amazed to call the number with their need for confirmation of things and they are quickly connected to a live person! I’ve even shown some of those employees the app and ease of use. I’ve had a few ppl actually ask if they can get the name of the insurance.. ABSOLUTELY, check them out! This company has the best workers! Appreciate you all!

    - Lynda Derouin


The Redirect Health Difference

savings for our members
states with access to care
access to care
appointments scheduled
available providers

How We Are Improving Your Healthcare Experience


Redirect Health offers a variety of healthcare plans suitable for individuals and businesses, featuring benefits like $0 copays for routine care, and low deductibles for hospitalization. These plans are designed for affordability and to provide comprehensive benefits, ensuring easy access to quality healthcare services for a fixed, low monthly price.


Redirect Health’s approach to healthcare focuses on eliminating administrative waste, ensuring that our members aren’t burdened with unnecessary costs. We streamline the process to identify the most cost-efficient solutions for common healthcare needs. This means “redirecting” care towards more effective and economical options, without compromising on the quality of service. Our strategy is to provide high-quality healthcare that is both affordable and accessible.


At Redirect Health, we differentiate ourselves by ensuring all members have access to healthcare consultant advocates, ready to provide the right level of care. Our members can easily reach out via the Redirect Health Member App, or by calling or texting us 24/7, in both English and Spanish. These advocates specialize in guiding members to the most suitable healthcare options, ensuring they never pay more than they should. Our unique approach is focused on making healthcare accessible, efficient, and affordable for everyone.


At Redirect Health, we understand that healthcare needs can extend beyond basic coverage. That’s why our plans are designed with no copays on routine care and low deductibles for hospitalization, ensuring affordability and comprehensive care. Beyond these benefits, our ‘Impact Together’ program provides an additional layer of support. This includes aid during medical treatments or recovery, as well as assistance during various non-medical challenges. Through Impact Together, members can tap into a strong support system within Redirect Health and their own community, receiving financial, physical, and emotional help when needed. Learn more about how you can leverage this supportive network in times of need by visiting Redirecthealth.com/impact-together.


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