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EverydayCARE® with Hospitalization

$379 /employee per month
Employee + Spouse
Employee + Children
Employee + Family

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$0 Copay

Primary Care - 24/7 Virtual & In-Office

Chiropractic Office Visits


Mental Health Counseling

Specialists and Hospitalization

$50 Initial Employee Responsibility$50 Copay - Specialists, MRI & CT scans, ultrasounds, & other imaging

Individual - $2,000 initial employee responsibilitydeductible then 20% coinsurance | $4,000 out-of-pocket max

Family - $4,000 initial employee responsibilitydeductible then 20% coinsurance | $6,000 out-of-pocket max

Additional Benefits

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Prescription Benefits

Benefit Summary

Households with at least one member who smokes will not be eligible for an additional $75 discount as reflected in the illustrated price.

A Simple and Affordable Healthcare Solution

Now you can offer your employees a complete end-to-end healthcare solution that can help them AND your business save big on healthcare costs. We provide simple pricing and easy enrollment, allowing business owners to offer $0 copays and low initial employee responsibility healthcare for your employees.

How Redirect Health Works For You

Discover healthcare reimagined. Redirect Health has taken control of the healthcare system and figured out how to make it work for end-to-end for your employees. Rather than spending on other recruitment and retention tools, now you can actually offer free healthcare to your employees, still save big on healthcare premiums and claims costs, and create a competitive business advantage all in one.

Attract Talent

Healthcare is one of the first things interviewees ask about. Attract talent with medical plans that put people first. Employees get streamlined, affordable healthcare, anytime and anywhere for
any organization.

Retain Employees

With a fully end-to-end solution geared towards businesses and people, both you and your employees stay happy. Accessing care is easy and available 24/7, so employees always know their health is taken
care of.

Keep Costs Low

With Redirect Health, both you and your employees benefit. With easy-to-use technology and a full understanding of the healthcare landscape, employees receive low out-of-pocket costs and streamlined care.

Employee Memberships Includes

24-Hour Concierge

Always available via App, text, or call

National Direct Primary Care

Virtual & in-office visits – always scheduled for you

Hospitalization Benefits

Protection against high-dollar medical expenses

Labs & Immunizations

Low-cost routine care

Prescription Benefits

4,000 prescriptions under $10


12 free visits per year

Mental Health

Unlimited no-cost tele counseling included

Virtual Primary Care

Always at no cost to you – 24/7/365

Redirect Health Network

Use your doctor or one of over 700,000 nationwide

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Learn what sets the Redirect Health strategy apart from other health plans.

Businesses Love Redirect Health

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  • The fact that our employee retention is high – much higher than it has ever been – can be directly linked to offering quality, affordable care plans through Redirect Health.

    - Cole Johnson

    CEO & President, Paul Johnson Drywall

  • Redirect Health is an amazing resource not only for myself and my family, but also for my business! Having 24/7 access to a doctor on demand has been a life safer with two little kids. I’m able to get so many things handled over the phone instead of taking extra time out of the office. I implemented Redirect Health’s Everyday Care for my employees a few years ago, and they love it. It’s helped me recruit and retain great people.

    - Melissa DiGianfilippo

    Serendipit Consulting

  • As a self-insured business owner, I couldn’t be happier with Redirect Health. Their team is highly responsive to all requests. It’s easy to schedule telemedicine appointments and chat with staff online. I recommend this company to lots of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

    - Hilary Johnson

    Hatch Tribe, LLC

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