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  1. Register at the bottom of the login screen and enter your information. Follow the steps to create a username and password.
  2. Verify your membership information. If you have dependents that plan to use the app, double-check you entered their email and mobile phone number correctly. * Note – it is best practice for spouses and older dependents to download the App on their own phones to access care.
  3. Rate us 5-stars on the App Store once you get through the process. If you need additional help, please contact us at

We’re in this Together

Making it Easy to Ask for Help

Receiving a diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming and it is important to seek out support when you need it. To help you feel prepared and ready to take on treatment or recovery, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to tap into your support system.


National Coverage in All 50 States

You’ll have access to healthcare facilities in all 50 states to ensure convenient and affordable access to care wherever you are. Our plans maintain a truly open network, allowing you to keep your provider, use a Redirect Health provider or access over 700,000 other providers excelling in a range of specialties. When you contact our the Redirect Health Team, they’ll determine whether your medical needs require an in-person visit. If they do, our team will reach out to your preferred medical provider to schedule an appointment. 

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Reference Documents

  • Lab Corp Formulary

    Our fair price guide to available labs
  • Drug Formulary Form

    Hundreds of drugs available at the right price


Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about our medical plans.


A. The best way to use your healthcare plan is to start by downloading the Redirect Health Member App. If you have any dependents 16+ , ensure that they have the App downloaded on their phones as well to ensure a seamless experience.


Redirect Health provides members access to over 700,000 providers nationwide through the PHCS network. If your doctor is not a part of the PHCS network, don’t worry! We understand the relationship with your doctor is important, so we ensure that you can maintain that relationship when switching to Redirect Health. Just reach out to us in the Redirect Health Member App and we will contact your doctor to get them set up in our system. If you ever need to schedule an appointment with them, contact us in the App and we will get you scheduled!

If you are unable to download the App, you can text or call us at 888-407-7928.

You can search providers in the PHCS network HERE.


Start by downloading the Redirect Health Member App and selecting “Prescription Refills.” Simply fill out the requested fields and a Redirect Health Provider will reach out at a time that works best for you to discuss further. We always aim to find to the most affordable price for your prescriptions and work directly with your preferred pharmacy to set up your prescriptions.

Just like with any change of insurance you may see changes in what is covered on your new insurance’s formulary. To view overview pricing for prescriptions, you can view the Rx Formulary.

If you are unable to download the App, you can also request a prescription refill at or by texting or calling us at 888-407-7928.

Did You Know? Most times the same prescription can be found at a significantly lower cost by visiting a pharmacy within a grocery store.


Q. What if I get a refill or new prescription from my provider in person?

We still recommend contacting Redirect Health to make sure you are getting the best pricing. If you get to the pharmacy and they tell you a price that does not match your member responsibility tier, call Redirect Health right away. Chances are the pharmacy is not running your card correctly or needs update your insurance information. We will call that pharmacy in real time to make sure you have the correct pricing.


Q. If I Have Specialty or Non-Formulary Medication Does Redirect Health Have Any Solutions to Help Me?

We absolutely have many solutions for these kinds of prescriptions. Below are the solutions our Prescription Advocacy Team can help with. Please note this is why we highly encourage members to activate immediately after enrolling. This will spark our care and provider team to begin working on any upcoming refills or pricing solutions.

  1. Look to see if there is cheaper generic version. You can provide our Redirect Health Formulary to your prescribing providers to see if there is another medication on our formulary for a lower price that your provider recommends
  2. Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Johnston, can personally review your case to see if we can add your prescription to your custom formulary at a lower member responsibility or provide you with a week to two-week supply at a lower member responsibility to allow our care team time to provide more pricing solutions.
  3. . Did you know most prescriptions can also be found in Canada for half of the price? Our Prescription Advocacy Team are always happy to look into these options for you! However, please note, due to FDA regulations, some drugs may not be allowed within the United States just yet.
  4. Look into Patient Assistance Programs directly through the drug manufacturer. Most programs members can still get their medications from a $0-$20 cost. Contact us and we will help discover what you may be eligible for.

Scheduling is easy! All you need to do is download the Redirect Health Member App and click on “Medical Need” to be guided through the medical need process. A Redirect Health Provider will call you at your selected time to discuss further. If you need a prescription, we will fill it for you at your preferred pharmacy. If further evaluation is needed, an in-office appointment will be scheduled for you with your preferred provider and at a time that works best for you.

If you are unable to download the App, you can also schedule an appointment by calling or texting us at 888-407-7928.


Q. How do I schedule an in-person appointment?

We take care of this for you after you submit your Medical Need in the Member App! We will help you schedule your appointment and inform the office of your copay or member responsibility. We will also explain to them how they will need to submit a claim to the MultiPlan PHCS network for proper billing.


Q. What if I already scheduled an appointment or follow-up visit?

Simply let us know through the Redirect Health Member App as soon as you are aware of the appointment time so we can document the appointment and let you know what your expected copay or member responsibility will be.

If you are unable to download the App, you can also notify us by calling or texting us at 888-407-7928.



After downloading the Redirect Health Member App, simply select the option “Medical Need” and provide some details about what specialist or imaging you need. The Care Team will reach out to you at a preferred time a confirm what is needed. The Team will locate the best price for your care and set up an appointment at a time and location that works best for you.

If you are unable to download the App, you can also give us a call at 888-407-7928.

To view overview pricing for labs, view the Lab Formulary.


You can find your ID card for you and all of your dependents in the Redirect Health Member App. Simply download the app and click on “My Membership Card” to view.

If you are unable to download the App, you can also request a digital or physical card at or by texting or calling us at 888-407-7928.


We find that when one our members receive a bill from a facility, this usually means either

A) Your visit may have not been guided by our team, so the facility wasn’t given the appropriate information for billing.


B.) the facility didn’t send us a claim, even though your visit was guided. That’s okay! Just let us know by submitting your bill in the Redirect Health Member App. We will contact your provider to ensure they send us a claim so we can submit payment appropriately, per your plan benefits.


When you submit a bill, please be aware that your provider must also submit a claim in order for Redirect Health to pay it. Claims can take up to 45 days for payment to be completed.

If you are unable to download the App, you can also submit bills or receipts at or by texting or calling us at 888-407-7928.




We know in a serious emergency you may not be able to give us a call or text right away. We encourage you to call 911 and visit the ER. As soon as you are able to, please contact us in the Redirect Health Member App or by calling us at 888-407-7928 to let us know which ER you are at so we can start coordinating your visit. You may also show a provider your ID card and they can give us a call to let us know you are there.


All surgeries or in-patient/out-patient services must be prior-authorized by Redirect Health first. You can contact us through the Redirect Health Member App. We will immediately begin coordinating with the provider and facility and negotiate the rates, so you get the best pricing. From there, we will work with you from beginning to end to explain your member responsibility, your aftercare, and any follow-up appointments.

If you are unable to download the App, you can let us know about your upcoming surgery at or by texting or calling us at 888-407-7928.

Read More FAQs - Member Bills

Need Extra Help?

If you ever think it’s taking too long to get something done, we want to know about it right away so that we can help fast-track things. Maybe you’re having trouble getting through to us, or maybe you’re getting a bill from a doctor that doesn’t make sense, or if anything else is frustrating you – click the button below to fill out a form and our team will jump on it.