High-Performance Healthcare Plans Built on a Primary Care Foundation

Lower costs, increase participation, and deliver a business advantage to your clients.

Yes, you can help your clients take care of ALL of their employees.

When you separate healthcare from health insurance you can design a benefits solution that delivers healthcare to everyone in your client’s organization and the right amount of financial protection for each employee.

Solutions perfect for any size group, from 5-50,000 employees.

All Redirect Health plans start with meaningful access to medical care. Now you have the power to deliver a value based primary care solution to any size client, in all 50 states.

EverydayCARE™ solutions


Our core medical plan, EverydayCARE is an ERSIA, level funded medical plan that’s both affordable to buy and affordable to use.

Ideal Client: Businesses that want to turn their healthcare plan into a business advantage. They are struggling with recruiting and retention of lower-wage employees and want to compete in the marketplace. Advisors use EverydayCARE as a stand-alone plan or combine EverydayCARE with buy up options, such as medical cost share, for an affordable alternative to traditional insurance programs.

Key Features

  • Redirect Healthcare Team
  • $0 Copay, No - Deductible Primary Care Office Visits
  • $0 Copay Chiropractic Benefits
  • Open Network
  • ACA Compliant(minimum essential coverage)
  • Minimum 5 Employees Enrolled
  • Available in 50 States
EverydayCARE™ Value Based Primary Care

EverydayCARE™ – Value Based Primary Care

Our national value based primary care solution helps employees of employer sponsored healthcare plans increase access to high-quality care, attain predictable costs for routine services and provide navigation. We want to make sure every employee receives the right care at the right time at the right location and… at the right cost.

Ideal Client: Businesses that want to supplement their employer sponsored heathcare and reduce costs. This strategy can be scaled to all size groups and geography.

Key Features

  • Population & Data Management
  • $0 Cost Primary Care Office Visits
  • $0 Cost Wellness & Preventative Care
  • $0 Cost Routine Labs
  • Your doctor is always on call - Integrated App
  • Workers Comp Coordination
  • Available in 50 States
Premium Self-Funded Major Medical

Premium Self-Funded Major Medical

Our Premium plans are high-performance, self-funded, major medical healthcare plans. These plans integrate the latest strategies in delivering the right care, at the right time, at the right location, and at the right price. Built on a value based primary care foundation, Premium plans have a proven benefit design that increases access to care and lowers costs.

Premium plans are medically underwritten, and benefit designs from $500-$6,000 deductibles. Contact your sales representative for both small group level-funded, and as well as, large group partially self-funded, and completely self-funded solutions.

Ideal Client: Small, medium, and large companies that are looking for a 10-year strategy to deliver better benefits at a lower cost.

Key Features

  • Includes Redirect Health Everyday 1 TO 1
  • Proven benefit design, built on a value based primary care foundation
  • Turn-Key TPA and Stop-Loss integration
  • Open Network - RBP (reference-based pricing)
  • Minimum 5 Employees Enrolled
  • Underwritten by IHQ or experience
  • Small Group platform +10 enrolled

Medical Cost Sharing

A medical cost sharing community is a proven alternative to traditional health insurance. When combined with EverdayCARE, a medical cost share can provide an end-to-end healthcare solution for your clients.

Ideal Client: Small, medium, and large companies that are looking for a high-end alternative to traditional insurance.

Key Features – Pairing EverydayCARE™ with Medical Cost Sharing

  • Receive preferred medical cost sharing membership pricing
  • Available in 50 States

To learn more about how you can bring a unique affordable solution as well as become medical cost sharing certified, click below.

What other Advisors are Saying

“Redirect Health delivers a turn-key solution that has allowed me to lower my clients costs and increase participation.”

Profile image of David Contorno

David Contorno,


“The team at Redirect Health did whatever it took to support us and make us successful. Their business model is to provide basically unlimited primary healthcare outside of the insurance system, and use insurance for catastrophic medical problems.”

Profile image of Paul Breslau

Paul Breslau,

Breslau Insurance & Benefits, Inc.

“The company is ecstatic that we can offer employees a viable, effective and well-embraced healthcare solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.”

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Gloria Guerra,

Bilingual Benefits and HR Solutions

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