We all want to help prevent disease and live the healthiest lives we can, but some are better in different areas than others. It can often be difficult, in our hectic lives, to find the time or commitment to strive for more healthy goals. However, if our goal is truly holistic — mind, body and emotional — wellness, there are quick and easy actions that you can easily develop into healthy habits. Incorporate the following 5 simple steps into your daily routine gradually, and you’ll soon be seeing the results.

Stay Hydrated

Definitely one of the easiest and most effective habits across the board is to drink enough water. Not only is staying hydrated a great way to curb an overzealous appetite, but getting your 2 liters (half gallon) of H2O a day is a great way to help replenish lost minerals, vitamins and help detox

Get Active

This doesn’t even have to be as coordinated as moving a half hour a day, down to the minute. Breaking up long periods of sitting with a brisk walk, or taking a jaunt during your lunch break, can burn a few calories and make you feel better (and more awake) when getting back to your desk after lunch. Starting your day off with mild exercise — yoga/stretching or a short jog — can also leave you feeling more energized. Incorporating any regular movement into your daily routine is a plus, so don’t be deterred if you don’t ‘feel’ like it’s enough.

No Meal Skipping

Keeping to three square meals a day is an asset to any healthy lifestyle. It ensures you maintain energy levels and leaves you less likely to snack in the late afternoon. Additionally, getting into regular meal patterns can make you less likely to stray and slip up on any diet you may be undergoing.

Lessen the Liquor

It may seem like a no-brainer but cutting down on alcohol is a great way to curb excess calories and improve energy levels. Keep the drinking to special occasions, and never drink to excess. Cutting back on drinking can also be a fantastic way to save energy, money, and help you maintain a healthier mental and emotional state, which we’ll also see is an important part of one’s health.

Keep in Touch

Often, we focus on the physical ways to improve our health and let our mental and emotional health fall to the wayside. If we want to collectively improve our wellness, it’s incredibly important that we also focus on these other composites. Reaching out to an old friend, or saying yes to plans over the weekend, can reduce stress and promote healthy work-life balance.

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