Phoenix Business Journal 2022 Healthiest Employers: Small Company Category, Third Place Winner

Redirect Health  

What it does: Redirect Health makes health care work with a people-first approach to care, offering access to streamlined, affordable health care, anytime and anywhere for any organization. To drive the vision and mission of the company, Redirect Health made health carefree for the entire workforce and their families. Having saved its members in all so states more than $200 million, Redirect Health eliminates the unnecessary costs and administrative processes that often complicate and frustrate the health care journey.  

Local leader: Dr. David Berg, president and co-founder; Dr. Janice Johnston, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder; and Paul Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder  

Who leads health and wellness initiatives: Dr. Janice Johnston, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder  

Year company was founded: 2013  

Number of employees: 260 

Why is health and wellness important to your company and how do you encourage participation? When Dr. David Berg and Dr. Janice Johnston first moved to Phoenix from Toronto to create their medical practices in the Valley, they were blindsided by the harsh reality that is the American health care system. Like many other small businesses, they struggled with the rising costs associated with insuring their employees and it quickly became unsustainable for their company. Without quality health benefits, they would often lose qualified employees to their larger competitors who could keep up with the gradual increase in premiums over the years.  

When they couldn’t find a solution to combat this problem, they decided to create their own. By eliminating waste, increasing efficiency and removing unnecessary administrative costs, they created Redirect Health. Now, on top of free health care, employees also have access to an abundance of additional benefits such as onsite nutritional assessment and counseling, and a virtual physical rehabilitation program complete with more than 1,000 instructional therapy videos that address a variety of ailments.  

Especially during a global pandemic, having confidence that you have access to quality health care is imperative. Redirect Health employees can rest assured knowing that they and their families can receive care when they need it.  

What have been the two most popular programs among your employees in the past year that promote wellness? Standing desks for every employee at company headquarters, which boosts productivity, helps with neck and back pain and boosts mood and focus.  

Free health care for employees and their entire family with 24/7 access. We have a care team that guides employees through their health care journey, end-to-end. Free and unlimited chiropractic and unlimited no-cost for mental health telecounseling. 

How does your company measure success in your wellness program efforts and can you share an example of how this impacts your bottom line? All of Redirect Health’s employees utilize the health care benefits program, meaning every employee and their families have access to quality health care when they need it and at no cost to them.  

Considering all of the impacts due to the pandemic, how does your company encourage mental health wellness? Redirect Health employees and their families have access to Redirect Health’s no-cost telecounseling services. During a time when many Americans have been struggling with their mental health due to the prolonged threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, having access to readily available telecounseling services has been an invaluable resource and benefit to Redirect Health employees and their loved ones. 

From: Phoenix Business Journal

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