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We offer Free healthcare to all of our employees and their family.

At Redirect Health we offer our Team
Free Healthcare for the Entire Family * Competitive Compensation * Exciting Family Oriented Culture

Redirect Health is on a mission to make healthcare affordable for everyone! If you are someone who likes to be a part of change and believes that innovation is the future, Redirect Health is the employer for you. We are passionate about changing the healthcare industry and making sure EVERYONE has the opportunity to afford quality healthcare services for the entire family. If you have a true passion for helping others, we want you on our team! Keep scrolling to learn more about our mission, facility, and open positions!

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We Make Healthcare Affordable For ALL!

We believe that healthcare should be affordable for everyone and we are building a team of diverse individuals who want to be part of this change. If you love helping people and want to know that you work in an industry that truly changes lives, a career at Redirect Health is the right fit for you.

Our team is passionate and solution driven. We work together to create a space of inclusivity for all of our employees. As an employee of Redirect Health, there will no longer be the burden of healthcare for you AND your family. You will be taken care of and help take care of others by the work you do. You will find joy in you daily tasks of helping others and know that you passion for people and change are being utilized in our space. We want YOU as a team member, helping create affordable healthcare for all.

Obsess Over The Customer

Be inspired to tell your RDH Story and encourage the customer to share theirs with others. Put the customer's needs first and always look for creative ways to do something extra.

Start With "Yes!"

Our employees have an over-the-top desire to create a customer experience that WOWs, surprises, amazes, and inspires people to tell their RDH story. People always matter.

Succeed As A Team

There are no lone wolf experts here. We succeed with teamwork and do what we say we will.

Detest Waste

Strategic detest for waste, unnecessary administration, and paperwork. Detest any traditional insurance status quo policies and proceedures.

Always Improving & Adapting

Always getting better. Always learning. Always testing our value proposition. We swarm problems to resolve them fast.

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What Redirect Can Provide YOU

When you choose Redirect Health, you are choosing to be part of a BIG change, disrupting the way society looks at healthcare. You will have the freedom to help us better our processes, better our commitment to the client, better our understanding of exactly what people expect with healthcare and the services we provide.

When you choose a career at Redirect Health, we will provide you with:

  • FREE Healthcare for the entire family
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Exciting, family-oriented culture driven by our Core Values

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