People often ask how Redirect Health can guide such efficient, exceptional primary and chiropractic care without copays and deductibles. The answer is the Redirect Health Care Logistics health concierge team

Care Logistics is a group of trained professionals that guide Redirect Health members through their medical need—whether that be a simple blood test, scheduling a primary care visit, or finding the lowest cost for a prescription. In addition, Care Logistics can arrange care by phone. That’s right! About two thirds of all calls can be handled with a medical provider over the phone. Not only does this save the member time, it also saves money and gets them feeling better, faster.

And depending on the Redirect Health plan the member has, Care Logistics can assist with other medical needs, such as guiding urgent care, setting specialist appointments and more. If a member doesn’t have coverage for those types of needs, Care Logistics can still help by directing members to lower-cost options and payment assistance programs.

In addition to contacting the team by phone, Redirect Health recently launched the Spruce app, which makes communicating with Care Logistics even easier. App users can upload medical documents, share photos, and even text with the team.

Care Logistics health concierge team is available in English and Spanish to all Redirect Health members 24/7/365. Members can call from anywhere in the world and receive quick service. They just need to call 888-407-7928 or log on to the app.

In today’s hectic world, saving time and money is a must. Whether you’re a working mom who doesn’t have hours to spend at your child’s pediatrician or an hourly employee who has the flu and can’t afford to miss a day of work—Redirect Health’s Care Logistics team may be able to get you taken care of faster, easier and cheaper than you ever thought possible.

Care Logistics is all about making healthcare easy and truly affordable. For more information about Care Logistics, click here. And for more information about Redirect Health, visit

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