Postmenopausal women need to incorporate these 10 immune-boosting practices if they want to live the longest and healthiest life. These immune-boosting tips come from Dr. Janice Johnston, MD, a family practitioner, and Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Redirect Health.

1.    Eating healthy

“Maintaining a functional immune system can start with what type of diet you are upholding,” says Dr. Johnston. “Your immune system will thank you for nourishing your body with necessary vitamins, proteins and other necessities. Good nutrition keeps your body running at the top of its capability.”

2.    Maintaining a normal weight

“Exercising and maintaining an average weight for your height and build helps to regulate your body’s immune response,” says Dr. Johnston. “Exercise and supplementing the body with optimal nutrients can multiply cell count, ultimately leading to an improvement in the way your body fights off infection.”

3.    Keeping hydrated

“Water is the secret ingredient to maintaining your health,” says Dr. Johnston. “Water works in removing toxins from the body, so the more you drink, you will be able to flush out a large amount of built-up germs. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can assist in keeping the body hydrated and making sure the flow of toxins out of the body is on a continuous cycle.”

4.    Limiting alcohol and no smoking

“Stressful activities, smoking or drinking alcohol can be taxing on the immune system,” says Dr. Johnston. “Just like a muscle, the immune system can be worn out by how you take care of your body, and what the body is facing on a day-to-day basis. Your gut microbiome can be altered by alcohol and carcinogens such as cigarettes, ultimately damaging your immune cells. For overall health, drinking alcohol in large quantities or smoking are ill-advised.”

5.    Regular exercise

“Regular exercise will boost immune functions because it causes changes in antibodies and white blood cells,” says Dr. Johnston. “Physical movement helps white blood cells circulate faster allowing them to detect illness sooner than they may have previously. Moderate exercise for 60 minutes a day or less is prime for boosting immunity. Any more time or intensity can suppress immune functions.”

6.    Taking appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements

“Vitamin C and Vitamin D are notorious for boosting immunity,” says Dr. Johnston. “These super supplements are important to take because it is easy to be deficient in both. Vitamin D can stall inflammation, thus boosting immunity. Vitamin C is necessary for clearing out old blood cells and replacing them with new, stronger ones.”

7.    Avoiding people who are sick if possible

“What may seem like a no-brainer is perhaps one of the most important practices in boosting immunity,” says Dr. Johnston. “Social distancing and mask-wearing can help with fighting against airborne diseases. If contact must be made, washing hands immediately is advised. Carrying around hand sanitizer and avoiding touching eyes, mouth and nose will all help with steering clear of contagious illnesses.“

8.    Up to date on vaccinations

“It is highly advisable to stay up to date on vaccinations, including COVID-19 and influenza,” says Dr. Johnston. “A list of routine vaccines can be found on the CDC website. These vaccines are all recommended in order to be protected from infectious diseases. Routine vaccines vary by age and as immune functions change.”

9.    Maintaining good hand washing and appropriate disinfection/house cleaning

“Cleaning both the hands and the house can help people steer clear of infectious germs, says Dr. Johnston. “Following proper sanitation procedures in the home can reduce the build-up of harmful mold and bacteria that cause harm and irritation to the immune system. Proper cleaning can help with avoiding mold and anything that will cause discomfort and illness.”

10.  Getting enough sleep

“Getting a sufficient amount of sleep every night for your age provides essential immune system defense,” says Dr. Johnston. “The properties of sleep can regulate your immune response and aid your body in fighting off germs and ridding toxins more effectively.”

By: Lorra Garrick

From: Scary Symptoms

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