PHOENIX — In effort to control the spread of COVID-19, Arizona Department of Health Services’ Testing Blitz continued at multiple locations around the Valley.

“If we can mobilize people to come out and get tested, we’ll test them,” said nurse Heather James at State Farm Stadium in Glendale.

Dignity Health hoped to test over 500 people at the location. The process takes minutes. James says anyone presenting any number of symptoms or anyone who thinks they’ve been in contact with someone infected can get tested.

“Don’t feel like at this point you’re taking a test away from someone else who may be sicker than you. Go get tested,” James said.

At another testing location, Dr. Janice Johnston, Redirect Health’s Medical Director, says she’s seen an increase in testing and awareness compared to last weekend.

“I think the word has gotten out so definitely the volume of people interested in getting tested has gone way up,” Dr. Johnston said.

Redirect Health hosted multiple testing sites. Johnston says the Scottsdale location collected over 100 tests.

“I do think that our numbers are decreasing in the community so the number of people that need to be tested is not as high as it was 6 weeks ago,” she said.

Find more information about testing, locations and registration online here.


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