Chris Trimble, Dartmouth professor and host of The Physician Innovator, tapped Dr. David Berg on Aug. 10 for his monthly webcast. The topic – “Putting Patients First in Routine Clinical Services” – is exactly what Dave and his wife, Dr. Janice Johnston, M.D., have done at Arrowhead Health Centers and now at Redirect Health. And with astonishing results.

All healthcare organization say they put their patients first, but this is rarely the case, especially since it’s more expensive. But that’s exactly the point: putting patients first adds costs, but Dave and Janice have made it work by using a high-efficiency, team-based approach to care delivery. The model also eliminates the waste and excessive administration that typically encumbers the healthcare industry. All told, their patient-first model creates significant savings while also improving patients’ healthcare experience.

You can hear and watch the entire conversation on The Physician Innovator, catch the audio blog summary, or read Chris’ profile of Dave here.

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