The recent Strategic Coach® Game Changer event, hosted by renowned entrepreneur coach, Dan Sullivan, featured Dr. David Berg as a game-changer in the health care industry.

Dr. Berg, co-founder of Redirect Health, was selected by Sullivan to address nearly 200 entrepreneurs attending the one-day seminar in Chicago. Dr. Berg presented the concept, vision and implementation of Redirect Health, a health care solution built on an entirely new business model that can save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars – or more – on medical costs each year while also increasing the quality and convenience of health care.

“I have coached more than 6,000 entrepreneurs over the course of my 40-year career, but only a small handful have shown the promise, passion and smarts that David displays,” said Sullivan. “He is unrelenting in his commitment to change America’s health care landscape as we know it, and his business is unlike anything the industry has ever seen.”

Game Changer is an event designed to help successful business people reach the next phase of their careers. Sullivan handpicked Dr. Berg and three other panelists to share details of their game-changing businesses. In addition, Sullivan led the group through Strategic Coach’s signature thinking process, which is designed to create lasting breakthroughs and concrete action steps to plan for a bigger future.

“Dan’s insights and tough questions over the years helped us form a company we believe has the potential to help any employer to get healthcare that works so well, and so inexpensively, that they won’t think twice about providing free healthcare to their employees because of the free market competitive advantage it gives them,” said Berg. “By systematically designing out the irritating and annoying waste, headaches and runaway costs of traditional health care, companies can transform health care from a burden into an advantage they can use to grow their companies.”

The nearly $150,000 in profits from Game Changer were donated to American Dream U, an organization created by Strategic Coach participant Phil Randazzo to assist military members in their transition into their dream jobs or business ownership with the help of the world’s best entrepreneurs.

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