Co-founders of Redirect Health

Dr. Janice Johnston and Dr. David Berg challenge the status quo of today’s health care industry by putting people and the businesses that employ them first to efficiently deliver the best care to the most people.

Created by the couple (along with former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson) in 2013, with Janice as medical director and David as the president, Redirect Health differs from the traditional health care system by offering easy and truly affordable health care for everyone, allowing both patients and employers to save time and money.

After moving to the U.S. from Toronto, the pair noticed flaws in the American health care system that were contributing to continuously rising costs and poor outcomes for patients. “We saw the potential to build a comprehensive, convenient multi-specialty business,” Janice says. “We listened to our customers and heard they wanted things to be easy, and that patients wanted their doctors to be in sync regarding their care plans.”

The couple met during their first week of classes at the University of Toronto in a physics lab. “Over the years, we’ve taken the time to understand what we each need, and then work as a team to accomplish both of our goals together. We both enjoy each other’s differences,” David says.

By streamlining patient care and internal processes, Redirect Health has helped many businesses and families around the country benefit from affordable and accessible health care. “America has the best health care in the world,” David says. “Unfortunately, we have let complexity and excessive price gouging limit our great health care from being meaningfully accessible for so many people.”

It’s this obstacle that Redirect Health – and the couple – are on a mission to change, starting with advice both couples and business owners can use.

“Risk more together, love more together, care more together, and especially, fail more together than the world says is reasonable,” David says.


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