With over 50% of Americans making only $15 an hour, the healthcare system as we know it is overpriced and overcomplicated. But does it have to be?

According to healthcare leader David Berg, we could eliminate as much as 40% of healthcare costs just by removing copays. The result: a more affordable and efficient system that benefits everyone. With this in mind, David founded Redirect Health, a company that has transformed the healthcare system with the idea that everyone should have meaningful access to easy and affordable healthcare.

In this episode of The Growth to Freedom Podcast, host Dan Kuschell interviews David Berg, President and Co-Founder of Redirect Health, about how he used his business mind and efficiency-first perspective to transform the healthcare system. Keep listening as David talks about why the concept of laziness isn’t always a bad thing, how to navigate our economy of fear, and the importance of always making your own decisions.

From: https://www.growthtofreedom.com/eliminating-the-high-cost-of-healthcare-in-your-business-david-berg-285

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