In a commentary for the Arizona Capitol Times, Paul Johnson gets to the heart of the problem of today’s healthcare industry: the system wasn’t created for you and me. Case in point: insurance companies raise their prices every single year, claiming high costs of care. But, clearly they’re making a killing, as their stock prices have tripled the DJIA and even Google over the past five years. At the same time, insurance rates are killing the bottom line for business owners who must provide their employees with benefits amid steep rate hikes, year after year. The problem is out of control.

Until now. Paul notes that many employers have uncovered the best secret in healthcare – self-insurance – and it’s giving them an edge in providing quality health care, hiring the best talent and protecting their profitability. But self-insurance may well be threatened by healthcare incumbents. Paul has issued a clear challenge to government to clear a path for the healthcare revolution to aid businesses and strengthen our economy.

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