When it comes to an annual physical exam from your doctor, we most often think about our children needing one for school sport participation. However, physicals should also be part of every adult’s health maintenance. Physicals are a great way for your primary doctor to gain a preemptive road map of all your health concerns for the next 12 months. Therefore, if you haven’t booked an appointment for 2018, we recommend that you either give us a call or call your primary care physician.

At Redirect Health, the name of the game is preventative care. An annual physical exam not only provides your doctor with a clearer picture of your overall health, but it is also a great time to address any health concerns you may have.

What to Expect

At the start of any visit to the doctor’s office, you’ll undergo a vitals check. This includes weight, blood pressure, temperature, respiration rate and more. While this examination provides an overview of your basic health, it’s unable to delve deeper into problem areas that you may or may not know exist.

When it comes to annual physicals, a doctor may also check your abdomen, extremities, and neurological functions. These specific tests provide a great screen for any potential problems. Skin blemishes that look worrisome, difficulties focusing or with balance, and abdominal pain can all be symptomatic of a larger problem. Many of these are checked with an annual physical. You may also be sent for an annual blood screening as part of your physical.

Catching problems early on is a simple way to save money, time and provide for a healthier, happier life.

Never too Old for a Physical

As we grow older, our health needs change and the need for an annual physical exam becomes even more important. In addition to your annual exam, we also encourage you, based on age and sex, to undergo additional preventive testing, such as mammograms, prostate exams and colonoscopies. Many cancers are prone to develop later in life and these tests can detect them while they are still treatable.

With the mentality of “New Year, New You,” the start of the year can signal the best time to get on track with preventative care. Maybe you still need a flu shot or are planning a vacation that will require a great deal of physical exertion (hiking trips, anyone?). Or maybe you just want to start 2018 off on the right foot when it comes to feeling better, eating right and exercising more. Getting a physical can help give you the peace of mind for the coming year, and allow your doctor to offer suggestions based on the state of your health.

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