Redirect Health is an integrated healthcare technology company that created a new healthcare plan and end-to-end system that specifically enables small to medium sized businesses and their employees to have simple and truly affordable access to healthcare, nationwide. And, for a fraction of typical costs. The system’s strategy eliminates unnecessary activity and wasteful spending and provides continuous, 24/7/365, access to the right care at the right price.

Due to COVID-19 we want our community to know: In the face of the global pandemic it was harder than ever for people across the U.S. to access healthcare they needed. Medical clinics were closed, non-essential services were cancelled, and fear of infection was everywhere. Plus, medical supplies and shipments were scarce and managing the medical supply chain was a new dynamic every provider of healthcare had to manage in ways never needed before. In order to service our members, virtual-first healthcare services had to be expanded around the country. Redirect Health had a huge 10-year head start and met the new demands imposed by COVID-19.

Virtual-first healthcare services, where people are not required to take time off work and drive to a doctor’s office every time, is now the norm. All healthcare plans need to reflect this because it is the smart and right thing to do.

Specific Services for COVID-19

Virtual Primary Care – Using the Redirect Heath app allows members to text/call/video chat with a doctor in real time, 24/7, and provides an end-to-end convenience that has not been seen before. Virtual-first healthcare eliminates the unnecessary activity and spending that is often associated with visiting a doctor’s office. The COVID-19 pandemic created the need for a different way to access healthcare virtually, with the medical record always available, that streamlined people though the healthcare experience. Navigating to the right services, virtually and efficiently, also avoids unnecessary risk of spreading and getting infection. Members can continue to earn their wage because they rarely need to take time off work when they can speak with a doctor first.

An end-to-end system to assess, test and build customized treatment plans for members is the goal. If someone needs to be seen in-person, in-office appointments are fast-tracked with no copay. With in-office doctors’ visits, members can expect their relevant medical information and preparation to arrive ahead of them. Their doctor could even be paid in advance if they choose.

COVID-19 Testing – Redirect Health adapted to coordinate COVID-19 testing early in the pandemic for its members, nationwide. This included rapid testing and confirmatory PCR tests, often drive-through, and it always included the care of their symptoms and the management of other conditions that put them at extra risk.

COVID-19 Vaccines – The virtual-first healthcare model is now streamlining the scheduling of vaccinations across the country.


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