Mr. Andersen has served as Director of Business Development since April 2020. He leads efforts nationally to eliminate waste and create affordable healthcare solutions for large employers and tens of thousands of employees. Prior to joining Redirect Health, Mr. Andersen spent over 30 years advising, creating and designing healthcare strategies and solutions. Mr. Andersen built some of the first consumer-driven health plans even before health savings accounts like HSA and HRA’s were created. He saw the vital need to build consumerism back into health care over 25 years ago. His career has included launching a startup insurance agency for small to midsize employers looking to take advantage of consumer-driven opportunities and acting as a consulting agent specializing in innovative healthcare plan designs. From 2008–2010 Mr. Andersen was the chairman of Ascend Alliance, a humanitarian group focused on constructing schools, water projects and humanitarian aid in South and Central America. Though he attended Ricks College and the University of Utah, the majority of Mr. Andersen’s education has come directly from the healthcare industry.

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