Dr. Janice Johnston was recently featured in AZ Business magazine, offering tips to parents on how to keep their kids healthy during the school year.

As children go back to school, they are exposed to many germs. “The flu won’t be the common thing when they start school. It’s just gonna be your common upper respiratory common cold typically that we’ll see,” says Dr. Janice Johnston, MD at Redirect Health.

Parents can prevent their children from getting sick in the first place if they make sure to vaccinate them and provide them with a nutritional diet. She encourages busy, working parents to try and get up earlier to provide their children with eggs or fruit and a glass of water, as cereal is basically like eating a piece of cake rather than a nutritional breakfast.

The flu shot is extremely important as well, as the flu is highly contagious and once it hits a classroom, most of the children will become sick if they are not vaccinated.

To learn more about healthy habits that keep your kids in school (and keep you at work), read the full article.

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