We’re Ready to Partner with You

You’ve spent years building your agency, growing your book of business and developing deep and trusted relationships. Your hard work is important to us. That’s why we’re here to support that work even further by offering simple and affordable solutions that prioritize your clients’ needs.

Help Us Reimagine Healthcare

Redirect Connect is here to help you transition into a new career that meets your needs. We’re ready to partner with you, leveraging your unique knowledge and the relationships you’ve built. Let us provide healthcare solutions for your clients that may feel shut out of the system.


Affordable Premiums


Higher Employee Participation


Five-year Exit Plan


TPA & Medical License in All 50 States

What We Look for in a Partner

  • Are you professional, client-centric and primarily working within the employee benefits arena?
  • Are you looking to grow your agency with a strong support team with a defined exit strategy? (a 2–3-year time frame or even 30-60 days as needed)
  • Are you looking for predominantly small group, partially funded, or fully funded plans?
  • Are you looking to make $200K – $2M in healthcare revenue?

If you match any of these descriptions, we’re ready to talk to you!



Our leadership team works with you to build out a seamless transition that will focus on your team and your specific strengths to leverage the relationships you built over the years.


We believe that the “people” component of every opportunity has inherent value. We aim to focus on how we can maintain a high retention rate with your book of business. This means making prioritizing taking care of the people who take care of clients and manage day-to-day operations.


Absolutely! We want to make sure you can leverage our backroom agency support so you can focus on maintaining your existing book, growing your book, and/or helping you through the transition of the partnership.


That depends. In most cases, we can close in 30-45-60 days. It’s really up to how well we connect, receive documents and learn more about each other’s business.


Your information can be returned or destroyed. It’s up to you. Confidentiality is the foundation to building any trust so­­ you can count on that from us.


We have a simple and easy confidentiality agreement that you can use; however, we are happy to accommodate if you feel more comfortable using your own.


Basic financial details in your P&L, book of business details (group names can be removed for anonymity purposes), and group discussion to better understand the relationships between the Agency, Agent, Group, Carrier, TPA, etc. Plus, we want to help you understand more about us and how we will help maintain the great relationships you have built over the years.


We want to maintain a high retention rate, ties to the local community, consistency in staff and more. It all depends on what matters most and makes sense. Our goal is to grow, not break what you have built.

Want to learn more?

We know this is a big decision for you, and you may have more questions. Fill out your information in the form and our team will contact you shortly for a confidential conversation.


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