Our Capabilities

Redirect Health is a Program Management platform designed to make any healthcare benefit risk pool work better and with less cost. Our goal is to reduce hospital and medication costs by at least 50%. We believe it’s impossible to move the needle without doing this.

How to Leverage Redirect Health Capabilities

You have a loyal community and capabilities. So do we. How can we work together to create more value than either of our organizations could separately? And, without either of us having to build new capabilities or spend additional resources.

Collaboration Partner Examples:

Medicare and Medicare Advantage Health Plans

Municipalities and Communities

Captive Insurance Companies and Captive Insurance Managers


Mutual Insurance Companies


Traditional Insurance


Ministry and other Cost Shares

Provider Clinics

Third Party Administrators (TPA)

Health Systems

Benefit Agencies and brokerages



Collaborative Partnership Criteria

  1. Care about Simple and Truly Affordable Healthcare
  2. Care about Small-Medium sized Business employers and normal wage workers who are employed by SMB’s
  3. Have a business model that can truly benefit if hospital and medication costs are reduced by more than 50%
  4. Have no desire to recreate Redirect Health’s capabilities and would rather collaborate and use them