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Yes, you can afford healthcare for you and your family

Finally, there’s affordable healthcare with NO copay routine primary care that includes hospitalization protection.

Better healthcare for you and your family.

The days of paying for expensive healthcare are over.

Healthcare can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we follow a straightforward mission, making healthcare simple and truly affordable for everyone. When you need medical care, Redirect Health will help you get the care you need while minimizing hassle, SAVING you money.

Simple & truly affordable healthcare for individuals and families.

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One Number for Everything

Just call or text one phone number for ANY healthcare need. Our care team is available 24/7/365 in English and Spanish to help coordinate prescriptions, scheduling appointments, and more.

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Save on Healthcare Costs

Save big on healthcare expenses and premiums for the whole family with no copays on routine care and low deductibles on hospitalization.

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Prescription Support & Discounts

We’ll navigate the pharmaceutical world for you, so you get your prescriptions at the right price. Over 10,000 drugs at $10 or less with our discount Rx program.

Membership Features

Your Membership Includes

Never pay more than you should. With $0 copays on routine care, hospitalization protection, and discount programs your care team will always get you the right care at the right price.

24-Hour Access to Care

Text | Call | App | Schedule Call Back English & Spanish

National Direct Primary Care

Virtual and in-office visits


Protection against high-dollar medical expenses

Routine Labs

Never pay more than you should

Prescription Benefits

Tiered copays ($10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500)


Includes 12 in-office visits per year

Mental Health

No Cost Tele-Counseling

Right Care at the Right Price

Never pay more than you should

In/Out of Network Flexibility

Freedom to choose your own provider

How it Works

Experience personalized care

Start your care by texting or calling us first for all your needs!

Our Care Logistics Team guides our members as they go through their healthcare journeys. This team works WITH and FOR OUR MEMBERS – making all the difficult parts of healthcare SIMPLE!

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Request a visit in English or Spanish

Contact your Care Logistics team 24/7/365 via a text, call, or our app. Tell them about your medical needs and they will connect you with a licensed medical provider. Should an office visit be needed, we will happily schedule that as well.

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Speak with a provider virtually or in-office

You will discuss your symptoms or concerns with one of our licensed medical providers who will have your medical history in front of them. Should an office visit be needed we will do our best to get you scheduled same/next day.

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Receive treatment, follow -up, and save money.

Follow the treatment plan as prescribed by your medical provider. If needed, your provider will write a prescription which can be picked up at a local pharmacy. We will follow you every step of the way all while ensuring you are getting the right care at the right price.

What people are saying

“Once you learn how Redirect Health works, you will find them to be very beneficial! They shop around to find the best prices for the medications you need. Much more efficient than office visits, however you can still visit an office if you like to waste time, they’ll cover that as well.”

“I have been treated by Suzanne T. And she has been really really awesome. I feel that I’ve found an outstanding place, everyone from as soon as you walk in to the building to the doctor and lab personnel have been super professional. It helps and encourages to be happy to come visit the doctor and practice a healthy life ...” [read more]

“Dr Anthony Nelson is fantastic and his teams assistance that are always fantastic and expedite anything necessary for the success of this healthcare system great doctors are still hard to find so I'd appreciate if you wouldn't tell anybody so I don't have to wait in line the older you get the longer the line seems to be and I ...” [read more]

“Timely and knowledgeable assistance with my medical care. Personable providers. Pleasant registration staff. Easy and reliable software for virtual visits. My provider knows me and my health. She can direct my care appropriately. I don't have to remind her why I'm being seen. She remembers things I've mentioned even when I don't. I trust her to see the big picture....” [read more]

“Was able to schedule an appointment quick. No waiting when we got there because they have an online option for filling out all forms online prior to. In the examination room the wait for the doc was minimal and he was personable. Took the time to listen to us. (My husband & I had back to back ...” [read more]

It’s like having a doctor in the family

When you join Redirect Health not only do you become a member, but you become part of our family! We’re always there for you 24/7/365!

Find the PERFECT FIT for you

Our simple & affordable plans provide you with exactly what you need to get healthy and stay healthy throughout the year. Enter your information to receive more information about your medical options!

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  • ^ Hospitalization benefits are optional and members(s) can choose to opt out for a lower membership cost.
  • This program is NOT insurance, and is managed by Redirect Health exclusively for members of the Reimagined Society. The Medical Cost Share risk pool is managed by New Path Medical, a Wyoming Health Sharing Ministry organized pursuant to Wyo. Stat. Ann §26-1-104. This Membership does NOT meet the minimum requirements for MEC (Minimal Essential Coverage) or the ACA (Affordable Care Act). New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, California, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia have passed their own state-level individual mandate laws that mirror the Federal Affordable Care Act. Redirect Health and Medical Cost Share memberships do not satisfy the new individual mandate requirements of these states. It should be expected that state enforced penalties may apply in these states. See State Specific Disclosures (Redirecthealth.com/state-disclosures) for more information regarding program limitations.
  • * When directed by Redirect Health. See Plan Document for coverage limitations and details. Hospitalization benefits are optional and members(s) can choose to opt out for a lower plan cost.
  • Excludes Prescription Drug Benefits, Pre-Existing Conditions, and subject to program sub-limits.