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With a young labor force of 700 full-time trade employees in metropolitan Phoenix and scores more in Tucson, Northern Arizona and Las Vegas, Paul Johnson Drywall, Inc., a 50-year-old specialty trade contractor, realized it was time to provide a cohesive, understandable and easy-to-implement healthcare solution for its workforce. Employee loyalty, satisfaction and productivity were at stake. The company’s continued profitability was in question too.

The Challenge

Never before has affordable healthcare been in a more prominent spotlight. And with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), companies of all shapes, sizes and from a wide breadth of industries are seeking out viable options to bring healthcare to their workforces – without going broke in the process. But in the case of Paul Johnson Drywall, implementing the ACA mandate was just one challenge that drove them to finding a better healthcare solution:

  • Although Paul Johnson Drywall previously offered health insurance – an anomaly in the construction industry – participation was low.
  • The majority of the workforce viewed the previous health insurance plans as unnecessary, confusing and outrageously expensive.
  • The labor force sought out quick-fix healthcare solutions, such as visiting hospital emergency departments for non-emergency injuries or illnesses.

Having previously worked with a Redirect Health Accredited Facility through Workers’ Compensation Insurance, the company recognized Redirect Health’s benefits as a directed care model, which would put care control in the employees’ hands. Together, Paul Johnson Drywall, Inc. and Redirect Health tailored a healthcare program that was affordable and prioritized the care of employees so long-term healthcare issues would be minimized.

The fact that our employee retention is high – much higher than it has ever been – can be directly linked to offering quality, affordable care plans through Redirect Health.

- Cole Johnson

CEO & President, Paul Johnson Drywall

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