Our Mission

Easy & Truly Affordable Healthcare for Everyone

We put people first and the businesses that employ them

20 Years of innovative work in healthcare

Healthcare can be expensive and challenging for businesses and individuals, but we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we have a straightforward mission—getting easy and truly affordable healthcare to everyone.

Redirect Health is the result of over 20 years of innovative work in healthcare with a focus on putting people first and the businesses that employ them. Dr. David Berg, Dr. Janice Johnston and Paul Johnson started Redirect Health with one goal—delivering the best care to the most people in the most efficient way. Simply removing unnecessary administration and waste and streamlining care created a huge positive change that has allowed us to grow exponentially and now offer our services in all 50 states. By pushing back on the traditional healthcare system, we have put the focus back on people and away from billing codes, unnecessary copays and expensive care.

David, Janice, Paul and the entire Redirect Health team share the commitment of facing our country's healthcare problems head on. Each day, we challenge the status quo and ourselves—empowering others to leave a broken healthcare system behind. Our vision is to have healthcare working so well and efficiently, that all American companies offer healthcare for free to employees—maximizing free-market advantages, using healthcare to attract a talented workforce, and fueling company growth and employee optimism.

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Our Core Values

OBSESS over the customer
OBSESS over the customer
DETEST waste
DETEST waste
WIN as a team
WIN as a team
Start with a YES
Start with a YES

Our Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Janice Johnston, MD

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder
profile image of Dr. Janice Johnston, MD

Dr. Janice Johnston, MD, is co-founder and Medical Director of Redirect Health. She oversees all medical operations as well as the patient experience, spearheading efforts to enhance quality care while improving administrative efficiencies.

In addition to leading medical operations, Janice leads an active family practice and cares for patients of Redirect Health as well as Arrowhead Health Centers, a comprehensive and integrated network of Patient Centered Medical Homes (NCQA Level 3) and surgery centers that she co-founded with her husband, Dr. David Berg, who is also a co-founder of Redirect Health. Janice and Dave opened Arrowhead in 1997 after relocating to Phoenix from Toronto, Canada, with the hope of realizing a new vision for healthcare – one that put the patient first, housed numerous practices and specialties under one roof, and eliminated administrative inefficiencies that drive up costs. Over the next two decades, their vision was realized, and they continued to identify opportunities to provide high quality care that also was affordable and convenient.

The business, technological and clinical efficiencies that Janice and Dave developed enabled them to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee healthcare costs per year – money they were able to reinvest to grow Arrowhead. This was particularly useful during the Great Recession when many other businesses struggled. Recognizing the value of this unique care model and the potential benefit to entrepreneurial businesses nationwide, they co-founded Redirect Health in 2013 so other companies could experience the same benefits.
Today, Janice is integral to the operations of both companies, continually advancing strategies to improve member service and ensure positive patient outcomes. She mentors staff and medical students at the facilities, helping others understand and operate within the patient-centered healthcare model that she has driven in recent years.

Janice earned a BSc in Physics and Biology, an MS in Developmental Neuroscience and her MD from the University of Toronto. In 2016, Az Business magazine named her among Arizona’s “Most Influential Women Business Leaders.

An avid blues music fan, Janice has found a way to blend her artistic and professional passions. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Blues Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee, where she oversees the Foundation’s Hart Fund that helps blues musicians and their families with medical and funeral expenses, and she provides free health screenings for musicians at blues events. Additionally, she is part of the MusicCares provider network through the Grammy Foundation, which helps musicians with medical and living expenses.

Dr. David Berg

President and Co-Founder
profile image of Dr. David Berg

Dr. David Berg has served as President and Co-Founder since our inception in 2013. Prior to co-founding Redirect Health, Dr. Berg established and maintained successful healthcare clinics both in Canada and the United States. With Redirect Health he has leveraged his decades of healthcare leadership experience to make healthcare simple and affordable for businesses throughout the country. Dr. Berg is the author of The Business Owner's Guide to Ending the Fight with Healthcare, a how-to guide that helps business owners leverage healthcare as a competitive advantage. In 2018, the Phoenix Business Journal honored Dr. Berg with the “Healthcare Heroes Innovator Award” for creating a transformative healthcare member experience that eliminates barriers for people to get affordable healthcare. Dr. Berg was also the finalist for three best-in-class awards at the 2018 World Health Care Congress in Washington DC. He holds degrees in Physics and Biology from the University of Toronto as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Paul Johnson

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
profile image of Paul Johnson

Mr. Paul Johnson has served as Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder since our inception in 2013. He helps oversee operations and identifies new opportunities that support the company’s efforts to offer employers affordable, high-quality healthcare options. Mr. Johnson currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Arrowhead Health Centers and is a past member of the Board of Directors for the John C. Lincoln Hospital Foundation. Prior to co-founding Redirect Health, Mr. Johnson founded several multi-million dollar companies. He has also had a successful political career which included serving as the Mayor of Phoenix from 1990 to 1994. He and his administration were showcased in the New York Times, Forbes and People, among other national media outlets, for efforts leading to the Bertelsmann Award honoring Phoenix as the “Best Run City in the World.” He attended ASU as a History Major, and holds degrees in Business from University of Phoenix, and a degree from Harvard's Kennedy School in the Program for Senior Executives.

Mark Miola

Chief Operating Officer & Advisory Board
profile image of Mark Miola

Mark brings over 25 years of Operations experience spanning early stage ventures & large corporations. He’s a career Operations professional known for his ability to make substantial business and process improvements that drive business results. He's been particularly effective managing people and loves helping early stage and growing companies to increase revenue and profitability.

As founding COO with Solera Health, he was instrumental in their rapid growth from startup through series B financing and ~$30MM revenue in under 18 months.

Michael Bechtol

Vice President of Membership and Enrollment
profile image of Michael Bechtol

Michael Bechtol is the Director of Membership for Redirect Health. He drives initiatives to educate employers and individuals nationwide about Redirect Health’s simple and affordable way of doing healthcare. He also innovates new processes and program benefits to bring more value to members, ensuring they have a positive healthcare experience and that all needs are met.

Mike deeply understands the relationship between care and cost, especially the fact that quality care can and should be affordable. This belief is what drives him to motivate his team of enrolment specialists to ensure the needs of business owners and their people are put first – and not the other way around. Since joining Redirect Health in 2015, Mike has helped the team put members at the epicenter of operations, thereby allowing greater efficiency, streamlining and affordability. His efforts have helped the company expand membership nationwide.