Trips and falls can be life-changing for seniors, disabled people, or those living with chronic conditions. That’s why medical alert systems that have fall detection can prove to be invaluable. They support independent living while providing reassurance that help is available should it be required.

“Monitoring devices that can detect falls are very useful for patients that have balance, vision, and strength issues,” explains Dr. Janice Johnston, MD, chief medical officer and co-founder of Redirect Health. “Once a fall happens, patients may lack the ability to stand up or retrieve a phone to call for help. These monitoring devices can detect a fall by recognizing abrupt changes in body movements and will automatically notify emergency monitoring centers.” Once an agent has connected with a medical alert user, the two parties can decide what kind of emergency response, if any, is appropriate. If the user does not respond because they cannot speak or are unconscious, agents at most monitoring centers will err on the side of caution and notify emergency services immediately.

These medical alert systems often include wearable devices—such as lanyards, smartwatches, and necklaces—and include a base unit that communicates with a help center if a fall is detected. Here are the best medical alert systems with fall detection to offer peace of mind and connect you with the right services if you or a loved one are concerned about medical emergencies.

Best Medical Alert Systems of 2022 With Fall Detection

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