Redirect Health is proud to announce the addition of key directors and enrollment managers who will help drive the organization’s local and national expansion.

With a projected 200-percent increase in revenue from 2015 to 2016, Redirect Health co-founder and Chairman of the Board David Berg says new team members will help the company continue its upward trajectory. “It’s very exciting to be in the midst of this growth phase. We’re developing a team and a culture that’s committed to putting our clients at the center of the health care system, a departure from traditional health care centered on bureaucracy and large hospital systems. Our strategy is so unique, we’re even able to help our clients use health care as a competitive advantage to recruit and retain the best talent.”

Recent managerial additions include:

**-Vice President of Operations and Finance Scott Swonger** has held executive-level positions at numerous healthcare and environmental organizations over the last 30 years, during which time he honed his skills in operations, finance and management. He spearheads ongoing business development and operations at Redirect Health as the company expands its footprint across the United States.
**-Director of Finance Nick Stoimenoff** has diverse and far-reaching financial expertise in the health care and automotive industries. He oversees planning and analysis, pricing, reporting, invoicing, accounts receivable, sales operations and TPA relationships.
**-Director of Marketing Elie Goodman** has spent more than a decade sharpening his skills in digital marketing, business strategy, website development, user/member experience, company (re)branding and event management. He now oversees all marketing strategy and execution for Redirect Health.

Further, Redirect Health has boosted its team of enrollment managers, each designated to work with select industries with large entry-level workforces – a strong niche for the company, says Dave.

**-Clay Perry** oversees enrollments for the general contracting, building and landscaping industries.
**-Holly Mack** oversees enrollments for restaurants, hotels, resorts and other hospitality companies.

Employers taking advantage of Redirect Health’s health care plans range in size from two employees to more than 500. Plans can be customized to fit the needs of specific workforces, include 24/7 support and scheduling, telehealth options and $0 copay/$0 deductible for unlimited primary, injury and chiropractic care.

“The self-insurance model has been used by big businesses for decades, but small and mid-sized companies are just now taking advantage of the benefits,” said Dave. “Redirect Health’s self-funded plans and state-of-the-art care delivery processes make this concept possible and feasible.”

Redirect Health’s plans start at $105 monthly per employee. The employer can cover that cost or pass the full expense to the employee, or the cost can be shared. Costs are kept low without sacrificing quality because the company ‘redirects’ a patient’s care through the most efficient, cost-effective route. For instance, certain procedures performed at a hospital can be redirected to a nearby clinic for a small fraction of the cost.

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