As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to reach meteoric heights across the U.S., one Arizona-based healthcare firm, Redirect Health, is providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to healthcare for Canadian snowbirds and travelers visiting the U.S.

The new Canadian Snowbird program offers individuals access to high-quality healthcare while avoiding unnecessary costs, providing peace of mind during these turbulent times.

The program allows members to schedule and fast track virtual and in-office appointments with no out-of-pocket costs, as well as coordinate discounted prescription refills, x-rays, COVID-19 testing plus treatments and more through call, text, or video, 24/7. The Canadian Snowbird program also features referral and personalized care navigation and cost negotiation to help guide members through the U.S. healthcare system. On top of this, the program offers physician-to-physician case management to provide important communication between U.S. physicians and Canadian physicians.

“The pandemic has further highlighted the need for all individuals to have access to quality care, without surprise bills or unnecessary costs,” said Dr. Janice Johnston, medical director and co-founder of Redirect Health. “As a Canadian myself, I understand that Canadians need the comfort of knowing they can receive proper medical care when they are away from home.”

Membership includes no cost access to 24/7 virtual primary care, primary care office visits, routine lab work, and chiropractic office visits at Redirect Health’s three Maricopa County medical centers. It also includes access to a prescription discount program, discounted imaging, hospitalization and catastrophic protection, and emergency travel back to Canada.

“Canadian snowbirds increasingly need their healthcare to be portable, easy, and affordable. No one should have to worry about having access to quality care when they come to Arizona,” said Paul Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Redirect Health. “Our program offers a cost-effective solution for Canadians that avoids the unnecessary stress of getting medical attention for everyday or emergency situations.”

The Canadian Snowbird program is $12.99 per day for individuals, $19.99 per day for a couple, and $29.99 per day for a family membership.

“Canadians rent or own about 100,000 homes in Arizona and, even with COVID-19, many are still making their way down here this winter,” said Glenn Williamson, CEO of Canada Arizona Business Council. “Now more than ever, it’s important for them to have a healthcare option that is affordable and offers so much.”

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