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Yes, you can afford healthcare for yourself and your employees

NOW, you can offer NO copay routine primary care healthcare that includes low deductibles for hospitalization.

Pricing is based on number of employees

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Simple and easy pricing

Gain a business advantage with FREE healthcare for your employees

Free healthcare is one of the best ways to attract and retain skilled workers. Contribute one fixed price per month, per employee and give them peace-of-mind they deserve.

EverydayCARE® with Hospitalization



per employee/month

Employee + Spouse


Employee + Children


Employee + Family


$0 Copays

Primary Care - 24/7 Virtual & In-Office

Chiropractic Office Visits

Lab Benefits


Mental Health Counseling

Specialists and Hospitalization

$50 Copay - Specialists, MRI & CT scans, ultrasounds, & other imaging

Hospital Care

Individual - $2,000 Deductible 20% coinsurance | $4,000 out-of-pocket max

Family - $4,000 Deductible 20% coinsurance | $6,000 out-of-pocket max

Additional Benefits

Multiplan PHCS Practitioner Network

Prescription Benefits

Households with at least one member who smokes will not be eligible for an additional $75 discount as reflected in the illustrated price.

Competitive recruitment. Increase retention. Lower healthcare spend. Better care.

Group of employees

Recruit Quality Employees

Looking for a competitive advantage in recruitment? With Redirect Health, you can continue to offer healthcare to potential employees which helps attract the very best talent. A prime recruiting tool in place at a fraction of the cost.

Group of employees

Retain Your Best People

Healthcare is important to your employees. Increase satisfaction and improve retention by providing your team with a FREE healthcare option.

Group of employees

Cap Out-of-Pocket Costs

Protect your employees from outrageous medical bills. Give them peace of mind knowing their healthcare includes a low deductible and out-of-pocket max.

Is Redirect Health the right solution for your business?

We provide easy to manage solutions for your employees.

  • Manage your Roster
  • Control invoice accuracy
  • Build your job candidate growth pool
  • Prevent unnecessary workers comp costs and protect E-MOD
  • Always Get the Right Care at the Right Price

Plan Features

Your Membership Includes

National Direct Primary Care

Virtual and in-office visits

24-Hour Concierge

Call | Text | App English & Spanish


Protection against high-dollar medical expenses

Labs and Immunizations

Never pay more than you should


Tiered copays
($10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500)


Includes 12 in-office visits per year

Mental Health

No Cost Tele-Counseling

Right Care at
the Right Price

Never pay more
than you should

In/Out of Network Flexibility

Freedom to choose
your own provider

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  • This program is an ERISA self-funded insurance plan managed by Redirect Health exclusively for members of the Modern Business Council. The risk pool is managed by Newpath Mutual Insurance Company. See program guide for details. This plan meets the minimum requirements for Penalty A MEC (Minimal Essential Coverage) and Penalty B MVP (Minimal Value Plan) of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) when specified on the Benefit Summary or SPD (Summary Plan Description). Households with at least one member who smokes will not be eligible for an additional $75 discount as reflected in the illustrated price. This overview is intended only as an illustration of the benefit plan design. Please refer to your Plan Document for actual coverage, limitation, and exclusion provisions.
  • * When directed by Redirect Health. See Plan Document for coverage limitations and details. Hospitalization benefits are optional and members(s) can choose to opt out for a lower plan cost.
  • 1 Discount prescription program does not apply to specialty and non-formulary drugs which are medications with a cost greater than $3,000 per month and which are needed for longer than 30 days.