Redirect Health plans are some of the most affordable on the market. But what makes us so different from other healthcare companies? The answer lies in our focus on maintaining industry expertise without sacrificing quality or service.

Every family should have access to quality healthcare, and every business should be able to provide their employees with a high-quality healthcare plan designed to fit any budget. Whether you’re looking for coverage for your employees, yourself, or your family, we have a Redirect Health insurance plan that’s right for you.

Different Needs

Out of all the 33 million small businesses and a handful of larger corporations in the U.S., no two are the same. Even businesses that sell the same services have different needs.

Although many companies want to provide the best health plans for their employees, the type of health plan that’s best for a company really depends on its size and industry. For example, a small company in a high-risk industry, like wood production or mining, may need to purchase more comprehensive coverage than a large company in a low-risk industry.

Additionally, companies with primarily young, healthy employees may be able to get by with less comprehensive coverage. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual company to assess its own needs and select the health plan that makes the most sense.

But it’s hard to deny the value of an affordable Redirect Health plan. Even more when plans like EverydayCARE cost half the average annual premium for single and family coverage.

Employer and Small Business Redirect Health Plans

Every business owner deserves access to quality, affordable health coverage. That’s why our employer-sponsored plan focuses on the following:

  • Providing access to lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Providing health coverage that actively encourages employee retention and job satisfaction
  • Putting health coverage within reach
  • Helping save on taxes for employees and employers
  • Paying premiums on a pre-tax basis
  • Providing an extensive health provider network

Redirect Health insurance plans are designed to provide comprehensive coverage for all employees. This includes $0 or low copays for:

  • Preventive and primary care
  • Mental health appointments
  • Labs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Immunizations
  • and more

We understand that finding and enrolling in the best health insurance plan can be confusing. So all Redirect Health insurance plans are backed by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping guide you through the process and beyond 24/7.

We want you to have everything you need to make an informed decision about your health coverage.

Individual and Family Redirect Health Plans

When it comes to your health, nothing is more important than having the right healthcare plan in place. That’s why it’s important to have a Redirect Health individual or family health plan ready to cover your medical costs. These plans offer a variety of benefits that can help you stay healthy and protect your finances.

Coverage for Preventive Care

Maintaining regular preventive care plays an important role in staying healthy. By getting regular screenings and checkups, you can catch potential health problems before they become serious.

Some of the most common types of preventive care include:

  • Cancer, diabetes, and cholesterol screenings
  • Regular physical exams
  • Regular primary care visits
  • Immunizations

All Redirect Health individual and family health insurance plans have $0 and low out-of-pocket costs for preventive care. This means you can receive all the medical care you need with peace of mind and without breaking the bank.

Protection From Large Medical Bills

If you ever need to visit a doctor or hospital, your health plan will help protect you from high medical bills. If you have a chronic illness or are prone to injury, this can be especially helpful.

Access to a Wide Network

With these plans, like employer-sponsored plans, you’ll have access to a large network of doctors and hospitals across the country. This can be extremely useful if you need treatment while traveling or if you’re looking for a new doctor.

Affordable Premiums and Deductibles

Unlike other private health plans, Redirect Health focuses on affordability and our plans cost a fraction of what other private health plan coverages costs.

In the U.S., just under 30 million people are without health insurance at any point throughout the calendar year. Don’t let traditionally expensive healthcare premiums prevent you or your family from receiving medical treatment when you need it the most.

Get a Free Quote

No matter what type of health plan you’re looking for, there’s a perfect Redirect Health plan for you, your family, and your employees. We offer affordable plans with comprehensive coverage backed by a team of experienced professionals available 24/7 to help guide you through the enrollment process and beyond.

Get a free quote for yourself or your business today and see how much you could save on premiums.

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